Local restaurants

Cravans----Our nearest restaurant Le Petit Gourmand has a daily menu of 3 courses, wine, and coffee for 17euros. Zohra and Gaetan are excellent hosts, and provide food of a high standard, and good size portions.Open Monday-Friday12-2. Other times by appointment. tel 0546919076.

Gemozac--- Le Lion D'or Hotel restaurant, is very good value. They have a 4 choice, 3 course meal for an amazing 14euros50, superb quality, beautiful room, and a delightful terrace.Mon-Saturday lunch and dinner. tel 054692lunch and dinner.

Gemozac--- La Florentine is a first class pizza restaurant, and takeaway.Sensible pricing. Also meat, salads, and pastas.Closed Mondays tel 0546963330.

Gemozac--- Topo Gigio, Take-away pizza, Tues-Sunday 11-2pm, 5-10.30. tel 0954307869

St-Andre-De-Lidon---Le St. Andre bar/restaurant. Tues-Sunday . Lunch and dinner. Lunch menu 13.50euros, dinner 18.50euros. Very good value, Good fish. Nice terrace. takeaway pizzas.  tel 0973286600. 5 minutes from the house.




 Talmont sur Gironde---- Auberge le Promontoire, great fish and seafood restaurant, with super terrace. Menus at 18,23,29,and 32euros.        (25minutes from Cravans) tel 0546904066


Meursac-----La Table, excellent high standard restaurant, several menus, you need to book.(12minutes away) Smart decor, nice garden terrace. Tuesday-Sunday, 10-2, 7-9pm tel 0546918420


 Epargnes----- Le Presbytere, not cheap, but high standard food in very nice setting less than ten minutes from home.Smart setting, outside terrace.Wed-Sunday. Wed/Thurs 12-2pm, Fri/Sat 12-2,7-10pm,Sunday12-2pm.  Tel0546967644. Car park


Mortagne-sur-Gironde. Pretty little port  —— Le 1407 gastronomic restaurant —- high class  modern cuisine, menus at 32; 42, and 60euros, beautiful cooking,...... perhaps have a snack before you go there.

20 minutes away.


Saintes——Restaurant barge Le Batia, on the river near centre,—lovely custom built barge, smart

Lunch menu at 19euros,dinner Menu at 29euros. tues-Sunday 12-2pm, 7-9pm, Sunday12-2pm. tel 0546904231



the bar at Le St Andre

Le Petit Gourmand Cravans

Restaurant Le St Andre

Le Petit Gourmand-Cravans

Lion  D'Or





 <-----Le  Presbytere------>

at Epargnes

[ 8 mins ]


" Le Batia" Restaurant boat

on the Charente


^---------------- 1407 Restaurant ----------------^

Mortagne sur Gironde 



Auberge le Promontoire

at Talmont  sur Gironde[20 mins]




<-------------- "La Table " restaurant --------------->  

At Meursac[ten mins] 

^------------------- Restaurant 1407-------------------^

Mortagne sur Gironde

20 mins